In order to describe the EU-Spirit service, the international information service of VBB in Berlin-Brandenburg based on „EU-Spirit“ is introduced here. VBB’s travel information system provides:

  • Stop search in Berlin and Brandenburglogo_vbb1
  • Addresses in the whole of Berlin and greater cities of Brandenburg
  • Fare information for trips within the area covered by VBB
  • Real time information on rail & bus lines
  • Calculation of alternative routes in case of delays
  • Barrier-free trip calculations and barrier-free information for individual needs
  • Overview on routes for frequent travelers
  • Possibility to store timetable on mobile phone
  • Map presentation for the whole area
  • Different languages (German, English)

All itineraries presented include the following information: departure time, arrival time, number of stop-overs, total travel time and, in a more detailed itinerary description, symbols for the vehicles, indication of lines, indication of final stop of each line and arrival and departure time of each interchange stop for the whole itinerary. By providing the EU-Spirit service, itineraries to all those regions that offer the information service can be calculated.

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