The EU-Spirit Providers

The EU-Spirit service is offered by its providers. The organisational structure is briefly explained here.

EU-Spirit – technical requirements
The EU-SPIRIT service requires a connection of the infrastructure and a sufficient scope of business. For this, the following tasks need to be fulfilled on a permanent basis:

  • Technical infrastructure: Operation, maintenance and development of local travel planners, co-ordination of providers‘ common activities, integration of systems of new providers, continuous maintenance/update of meta data.
  • Interfaces to new providers and links to providers: Assistance and monitoring of systems’ implementation.
  • Quality assurance: Monitoring of systems‘ and partners‘ performance.
  • Trouble management: Clearing of conflicts, management of complaints
  • General administration such as marketing, networking and lobbying, initiatives for improvement

EU-Spirit working group
A working group was arranged based on the following principles:
The EU-Spirit service providers form a working group for the coordination between the providers. The working group meets three times a year and upon request to interchange technical and scientific ideas. The technical administration is outsourced to third parties.

Further Information